Helping Children with Loss
Helping Children with Loss
The Grief Recovery Method® Helping Children With Loss Program

By learning, modeling, and teaching new, more effective ways of responding to our grief, we can help the children in our life learn these tools at a younger age – resulting in less pent-up grief over the years to come.

The Four sessions of the Helping Children with Loss Program include:

  • discussion of the old, ineffective ways we’ve learned to grieve;
  • learning how to recognize the impact of grief in children’s lives and how to be a more active listener;
  • learning to identify sources of emotional energy children experience around grief events;
  • identifying appropriate ways to give voice to important discoveries about the grief they experience.

At every step, the grieving child is respected, listened to, and heard without judgment or analysis. Both the parents and the child are supported in identifying and giving voice to the emotions they experience.

The tools provided as part of the program can be used throughout their lifetime, to address other losses, and to help more quickly address new losses.

HCWL Program

Helping Children
with Loss Program

$500 4 1.5 hour Sessions
The Program consists of four 1.5 hour sessions.
I will be out of the office from June 24 – July 29.
In my absence please contact Kimberly Blair for
Grief Counseling Services.