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Grief Support Information and Resources.

The Impact of unresolved grief


Grief Support Information and Resources include statistics related to grief recovery by the US Census Bureau. For example, there are around 13 million Grievers annually due to death alone. (There are 2.6 million deaths per year in the United States and each death has, on average, about five grievers per death). According to a compilation of US statistical agencies, there are around 2.5 million Grievers per year due to divorce. And this number does not include the children who are grieving this significant loss! There are around 15.6 million Grievers per year due to a romantic breakup.
Common symptoms of grief include difficulty concentrating, a roller coaster of emotions, a sense of numbness, disrupted sleeping patterns, altered eating habits, and a massive loss of energy.
To combat the sadness of grief or the lack of support, many grievers numb their pain by engaging in unhealthy behaviors that may include alcohol usage, food, shopping, and extensive exercise.
No wonder there are major impacts in other areas of a Griever’s life!

This 7-session program follows a proven method that changes lives.
My former client Christine said she came out on the other side the happiest and healthiest she’s ever been after the worst year of her life: “This program changed my life. During one of the first sessions, Deborah explained to me that by the end of the program, I would be a different person and my attitudes toward life as well as my priorities would change. She was absolutely correct. Not only did she help me resolve the very tragic loss of my brother and his wife, she kindly and very patiently helped me address other areas in my life that I had been burying and repressing for so long, leading to unresolved pain, disappointments, anger, and the inability to live in my truest self.”
– Christine (Grief Recovery Method one-on-one client)
Like Christine, the Grief Recovery Method has transformed the lives of many others.
I encourage you to read the testimonials on my website to see how this method can help.

Grief Support Information and Resources
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